Wood Pellets

Carbery Oils & Fuels are now supplying wood pellet to Cork County and City. Wood pellets are a renewable, clean-burning, Eco-friendly and cost-efficient home heating alternative. Wood pellets are suitable for use in wood pellet stoves and wood pellet boilers.


We sell wood pellet in two forms: bagged and loose.

The advantage of bagged pellet is that you can store them anywhere that is dry and sheltered, but they are slightly more expensive than bulk or loose pellet. The bulk pellet is more economical than bags but require a dedicated storage container.
For the larger quantities we offer a bulk blown delivery option where the wood pellets are blown into your own storage area upon delivery by our dedicated team.



Outdoor pellet heaters are a perfect match for our pellets.
Contact us with any questions regarding pellets for these or for information on suppliers and servicing of wood boilers.



Our pellets are also ideal in the new pellet cookers.
Call for more information.




Horse Bedding

Wood pellets are a multi-functional resource that we sell for more than just home heating. They make an excellent, and affordable bedding for horses. If you compare them to baled shavings, they have a similar water absorbency, yet cost less per bedding



Cat Litter

Another popular use of our wood pellets is for cat litter. The scent of wood is great for masking any unpleasant odour, and the majority of cats are happy to use pellet in their litter. Approximately 15% of our bagged pellet sales are for cat litter.





All enquires: email or phone our sales team to discuss your needs.


The map below is a coverage area guide. Do please contact us to ask about your area if unsure.


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